Josiah Milnes

Josiah Milnes - a worship leader and singer/songwriter who loves to worship God with the music He inspires me to sing and write.

Worship leader. Singer/Songwriter. Musician. Friend of God - the love and meaning of my life.

When you dislocate your wrist playing cahone and find out you have light tendinitis as well...ouch. Great worship set though!

#worshipcoordinatorproblems #goodproblem #takingitfortheteam

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Had the wonderful invitation to perform on the wedding day of my dear friend, Jasmine, and her wonderful husband, Jonathan, this past weekend in Kentucky. So proud of these two for dedicating their lives to loving each other by God's grace. Thankful for the friends who I got to travel with too:
@gangsta_gabe, Joe, @sherrymilnes and @ajajahn.

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