Shyanne Engelhardt

Im Shyanne, im 19 years old. I play guitar and sing, singing mostly country, 90s rock, pop, blues, and anything else that interests me. This is my dream :)

This has been my dream since i was ten years old. I used to sing at my school talent shows all the way into high school. I have been playing guitar for seven years now, and i finally want to take this somewhere. I have educational plans as well, but if this works out in my favor then this is what i would rather do for the rest of my life. I believe in myself, and i know i have lots of people who believe in me as well. I am so excited to see where this path takes me, because im going to give it all ive got.

DONT FORGET! Taphouse, Ink. tonight at 8:30! I'm opening for a great band that will also we worth hearing tonight. Dont miss this - Drinks, food, good people AND music. Let's goooo! (Oh and Go DAWGS!)

Taphouse, Ink. tomorrow night at 8:30! Be there to have a good time, hear great music from myself and other talented people, and have the best food and drinks around ;) DONT MISS THIS!!

Playing at Taphouse, Ink. Saturday Sept 14th, 8:30 to 10! I love playing at Taphouse so everyone needs to come out!

Thank you to everyone who came out last night! It was a good turn out. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did! And thank you all for being so generous to my tip jar :) Have a great week everyone!

Ristrettos Coffee & Wine tonight 7-9pm, come out! This will be one of my last gigs for while so don't miss it!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Saturday, July 6th at Ristrettos Coffee & Wine from 7-9pm! I know its a holiday weekend but if you're in town still come out and enjoy some good music, food and wine/beer! Ill be singing and playing for majority of those two hours :)

It's a beautiful day out, come finish off this perfect saturday at Ristrettos Coffee & Wine this evening from 7-9pm! I will singing for the evening with a few new added songs to my set! They have indoor seating and an outdoor patio. They serve wine, on tap beer, coffee, and food! Come on out, don't miss this one :)

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