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The mission of Papagena Productions' Cathedral Records is to produce and release a broad range of old, new and hybrid works with a Classical Music influence, especially those recorded, produced, performed, and composed by Erik-Peter Mortensen.

As a 4th generation musician and son of renowned Filipina concert pianist, Marcelita Lopez-Kabayao and Swedish/Danish opera singer, Erik Mortensen, Erik-Peter Mortensen (aka Erik or EP) started singing professionally since the age of 9, first at the Metropolitan & New York City Opera Children's Choruses, and then in many professional choirs through the present (currently over 10 years with the professional choir of The Episcopal Church of St. Ignatius of Antioch on Manhattan's Upper West Side). Also since the age of nine (being a chorister with the Church of the Transfiguration's Men's and Boy's Choir in New York), he has developed a passionate love for Early, Baroque, and Classical music and wishes to make the beauty of these earlier styles reach out and appeal to much vaster audiences, either through fusing it with existing styles, creating new styles, or promulgating it through his own music scoring for films, video games, and other multimedia formats.

While attending St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's High School in New York, he was a bass and founding member of its madrigal ensemble, The Not-Ready-for-Roylaty Singers (NRFRS), and performed in many concert programs and outside performances, developing a particular knowledge and passion for this style of singing. While subsequently enrolled at Columbia University, he founded the New York Madrigal Singers (NYMS) during his junior year. The ensemble performed dozens of times over the next 7 years, producing several CD's worth of recordings, and receiving two favorable reviews by Alan Kozin, music critic of The New York Times.

While at Columbia, Erik-Peter studied "Renaissance Counterpoint" with David Rakowski, "Advanced Composition" with Jeff Nichols, and "Counterpoint in the style of J.S. Bach" with Severine Neff. Much of EP's orchestral and instrumental compositional styles have been greatly influenced by Bach ever since he graduated with a B.A. in Music, cum laude, from Colulmbia in 1992 . He currently studies "Orchestration for Film & TV" at, the online extension of Berklee College of Music and anticipates finishing his master certificate by the Fall of 2013.

Not only a performer, composer and conductor, Erik-Peter is also a professional audio engineer and created his own production company called "Papagena Productions" (in tribute to one of his favorite Mozart opera characters from "The Magic Flute"), of which "Cathedral Records" is one of its independent labels. The mission of Cathedral is to produce and release a broad range of old, new and hybrid works with a Classical Music influence.

Representing the experimental (he would call it 'multi-dimensional'!) end of the spectrum, Erik-Peter's masterful compositions, songs and recordings are typified by a hybrid writing style which combines Medieval and Renaissance modal synthesis with Baroque and Classical counterpoint and harmonic language, all subfused with Romantic passion, in order to create pieces of symphonic & sweeping orchestral impact.

If you imagine the epic film scores of composer John Williams, you're on the right track to imagining Erik-Peter's music-- however, to get all the way there, you also need to imagine all of the above becoming fused with bouncy pop, rock, folk and dance grooves and traditions.

Erik-Peter, or EP, is equally at home with each of these techniques and styles. His wide-ranging music shows us that he is just as capable of creating a strictly Baroque fugue on subjects as varied as the melodies of 'Mr. Softee' and 'Hey Jude', as he is in combining the varied stylistic elements of rock, Gregorian Chant, and classic Hollywood (with the occasional touch of flamenco guitar) as he has done in some of his more recent creations, such as his popular song 'Blue Skies' and the film-score worthy 'Dragon Song'.

Erik-Peter Mortensen

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Erik-Peter Mortensen

Posted a new song: "Verleih Uns Frieden" Singer Songwriter | New York

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But of course he's a feminist. Isn't that obvious? Publicly stating it is an important step though. :)p6

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Aisteon-Ave Verum Corpus

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Ave Verum Corpus EDM-R&B Mix

Posted a new song: "Ave Verum Corpus EDM-R&B Mix" Ave Verum Corpus EDM-R&B Mix by Erik-Peter Mortensen, Singer Songwriter music from New York, NY on ReverbNation

Erik-Peter Mortensen

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Erik-Peter Mortensen

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