Big Crux

BIG CRUX was around from 2008-2015. B

BIG CRUX was around 2008-2015. We were heavily inspired by off-the-beaten-path hardcore groups like BIG BOYS, MINUTEMEN (duh), and THE DICKS. With a healthy love for old soul, R&B, funk, rock n roll and bouncy punk bands like UNDERTONES, X, PLUGZ (even WIRE and MISSION OF BURMA), some type of hard-hard bop or vacant-stare-chicken-walk boogie was begot. Playing punk spots to confused onlookers...

Found leftover B
"Cruxy Grimace" image inspired by hobo sign indicating "police are hostile. Look out!"

Band Interests

Philo-sci-fi musings, racial-ethnic-social-political-economic justice, friendship, fun.

Band Members

FR: guitar, vox
Hag-a-muffin: bass, vox
Skipf: traps


Record Label

Releases on:
Iron Lung Records (ILR)
B is less than X (B Not Normal Tapes & Records (NNT)
Bedside Records

General Manager


Booking Agent

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