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LOCULUS was founded in June of 2007 by Northern Virginia guitarist Steve Miller with one goal in mind: to create a purely psychotic brand of skull crushing death metal! The music of Loculus is focused not only on being technical and brutal but on doing so without sacrificing the hooks and killer riffs which fans of all kinds of metal crave.

Loculus began playing live shows in early 2010 after creating a local groundswell of support and moving through several lineup changes. With the support of the local metal community behind them it was not long before Loculus was opening for national acts right in their backyard at JAXX nightclub. The band released their debut EP ‘Sinew’ at a privately hosted EP release party in late 2010 which was attended by over 300 people. The EP has since seen rave reviews in the local community and in various web media outlets. Following this sweeping success the band began to branch out of their local area and is now focused on expanding their accessibility, targeting audiences world wide.

In late June of 2011, the band released their first live DVD directly to YouTube, filmed the night of the Sinew EP release. Within the first week of release their YouTube channel received over 1,000 views. The 30 minute long DVD, which was put together by Kevin Gutierrez and Bruce Kane at Assembly Line Studios, contains footage of live performances of each song on the Sinew EP as well as 2 tracks currently unreleased in any other medium. The strength of their live performances helped them gain the attention of Extreme Management Group, a premier firm dedicated to expanding the careers of developing groups in the extreme music scene as well as managing the careers of many legendary acts.

As they move in to 2012, expect to see Loculus continue to move forward by playing more shows in more places to more people. In May, LOCULUS will be joining ORIGIN, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, ABORTED, RINGS OF SATURN, and BATTLECROSS, on the OCCUPATION DOMINATION Tour 2012 throughout the U.S.! The band is also currently writing a full length album, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled!

VEIL OF MAYA Tease Us with Snippets of New Material - Metal Injection


Always cool to see other bands repping your stuff - thanks VEIL OF MAYA! Keep an eye out for new stuff from these guys soon, sure to be sick!

metalinjection.net The band will have a new album out this summer.

I was waiting for someone to make this...

SYSTEM DIVIDE: New Song Available For Streaming


Epic new single 'Ephemera' from SYSTEM DIVIDE - go stream that shit!

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Grody: Capcom's Resident Evil 6 Human Meat Market | Geekologie


Fucking sweet. Kind of hungry now. NSFW.

geekologie.com To promote today's release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom recently opened the Wesker & Son human butchery in East London. SPOILER: Not real human meat. Probably should have read a little closer before sending this to all my cannibal...


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Brad Deerhake - Vocals
Steve Miller - Guitar
Dustin Albright - Bass
Anthony Rouse - Drums


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