Trash Fire

Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly.

We play Neumos tonight with Metz!!! Come shake a leg.

This oughtta give you an idea of what to expect at Rendezvous tomorrow and Baby bar on Sunday.

As usual, the Cha Cha lineup for CHBP is the best part of the festival, but this year is even better because they've added two FREE shows that go down before they put up the gates and fences and beer tents and all that shit. We play Wednesday the 23rd with local heroes The Pharmacy, Pony Time and Wimps and unless Led Zeppelin gets back together to play at Greenlake again this is sure to be the best show of the summer. Stoked? Us too.

Planning that summer vacation in Spokane this year? Be sure to book it around the 29th because Trash Fire will be playing at Baby Bar with The Everymen that night. Don't forget to pack your dancing shoes and your drinking pants.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2014: Full Line-Up Announcement

Well, look who's playing Block Party again. Earlier this month, we shared the initial line-up for the 2014 Capitol Hill Block Party, and today we bring you the whole darn thing, as announced by festiv

And seriously, how fucking rad is this poster?

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Austin, Andy, Jonah.


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