Runnin the trap since '89

Starting from producing west coast hip hop to taking a hiatus to explore the world of electronic music, TK-47 now returns to his roots combining modern trap and electronic influences to revive the G-funk style in what he calls "G-Trap." Remember where you heard it first, and be on the lookout for the rise of the G-Trap era.

Juggin' Out the Traphouse with Squashed Out is out now on Artist Intelligence Agency!


Artist Intelligence Agency

Happy New Years !! I've been quiet but that's cuz Ive got something really special for you all this year and I can't wait to share it with you.

I've been experimenting with a lot of different styles and trying out new things and that's cool n all... But no more games. I'm back on my hood shit and yall ain't ready for what's about to come. Be on the lookout for the straight up menace

new song out now for you all <3

(link in comments)

Out now

(soundcloud link in comments)

Midnight is in the top 10 trending chart on ToneDen ! Make sure to cop their mobile app from the App Store so that you never miss out on any of my releases! Thanks fam 🙏

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PLURNT Saturdays 10/5/13



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