Faucet enables the flow to be let out or held in, if you catch the flow and ride, limitless possibilities can equate. But the flow is in you and to release and find one is where truth lies.

Once upon a time there was nothing...no sound, no love, no experience. Then one day an unformed stone was cast out into the emptiness and skipped across the waters of the sun, bouncing, limitlessly to its home. As the stone formed and divided shapes began to form, not just ordinary shapes but shapes of color and sound and experience. Years eroded and in the between times seeds sprouted and the nothing was no longer nothing, there was love, there was sound, there was experience, there was life. And upon the arrival of this new found home FAUCET was born.

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Hello out there to never never land

Band Members

Aaron Clark - Linguistic Sounds
Teddy Dutton - Sound Reflection
Andrew Croeni - Thunderous Sermons


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