Rafferty's List

Rafferty's List, Seattle based Blues, Jazz, soul; music your grandparents listened to when they were young.

Rafferty's List had it's final performance tonight at an alley party in Wallingford. Don't have a picture, so we'll paint it with words: a perfect Seattle summer evening turned night. As it got dark the neighbors strung up holiday lights. We played 25 or 30 songs. One of our very last was "Let's Stay Together." Ah well! Love to all who came to support us over the last year and a half. And to the members of the band.

Thanks from Peter (guitar) to Anny, Charlee and Will for 18 months, 35 shows, $*&@! rehearsals, and lots of good times. We have one more ruckus to attend to. Let's make it loud, proud and memorable.

Thank you to our family members and to Ireina, Alexei and Adrien Bespalov for coming out. We love you.

A block from the beach. Saturday, 6:00 p.m.

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Got a Punch Like Joe Louis

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Playin' sweet tunes your grandpa would appreciate.

Band Members

Peter O'Neil- Guitar
Will Martin- Bass
Charlee Pilgrim- Percussion and Ukulele
Anny Schill- Vocals and Kazoo


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