Alkali Earth

Alkali Earth is a Seattle heavy metal band formed in 2012. They play original songs with environmentalist or political themes.

Alkali Earth consists of four members, Tatiana (guitar), Matthew (bass, vocals), Olaf (drums) and Levi (guitar). All four members are in the same class at Washington Middle School, where they also pursue styles of music completely unrelated to heavy metal.

Alkali Earth was formed in 2012, when members were in 4th grade. Since then, they have increasingly specialized in classic and progressive heavy metal, expanding their repertoire of original songs. They have performed at a variety of indoor and outdoors venues in and around Seattle, as well as out of state. Their repertoire now includes more than an hour and a half of material.

On the eve on Twin Peaks returning to the air, the surreal forces of Earwig Studio's Black Lodge foyer seem to have turned Matt into a 7' tall giant while shrinking Olaf into a 4' tall moppet.

Recording weekend at Earwig Studio for Alkali Earth

Alkali Earth in The Black Lodge at Earwig Studio tonight

Alkali Earth at The Funhouse, Seattle, May 18, 2017

Alkali Earth hanging with Nomad and Dive Bomber from Las Vegas at The Funhouse tonight in Seattle.

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Left In The Dust


Band Interests

Ultimate frisbee, drawing, writing

Band Members

Tatiana, Matthew, Olaf, Levi


Current Location

General Manager

James Lord
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