I write catchy, sad songs, and a new record is in the works. Stay tuned!

"I Never Meant It To Be Like This" places Cumulus squarely alongside contemporary acts like Best Coast, The Dum Dum Girls, and Tennis, while reaching back to a not-so-distant golden age of indie pop when good bands had hits, and the knack for wide-readership hooks (Elastica, Veruca Salt, Juliana Hatfield) and loud guitars (Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine’s first album) didn’t preclude a heroic dose of delicacy (Heavenly, the Delgados, Velocity Girl, Tiger Trap). All of which is to say you could almost mistake Cumulus— who appear, let’s face it, pretty adorable—for twee if they didn’t rock so commandingly.


This Saturday I will have the honor of opening up for David Bazan and also helping to raise money for a friend in need. This is going to be a beautiful night of music in an intimate space, so be sure to show up early. I hope to see you there! David Bazan, Cumulus, Gregg Keplinger + Dustin Busch

Photo taken by Adrian Centoni Photography <3

Playing Bellingham tonight with @jvdmusic . Hope to see you there!

Playing Bellingham tonight with @jvdmusic . Hope to see you there!

This month I am performing with so many amazing people. I am so excited to share the stage with John Van Deusen Kristin Allen-Zito and David Bazan. February 24th is going to be my first time headlining in quite a long time, and both Kristin Allen-Zito and I will be playing brand new songs off our upcoming albums. I'd really love to see my friends at these shows, so please come out and let me know if you have any questions!

February 1st- Cumulus w/ John Van Deusen (formerly of The Lonely Forest) (Bellingham)
February 18th- David Bazan, Cumulus, Gregg Keplinger + Dustin Busch(Seattle!!!) Benefit for Sean T. Lane <3
February 23rd- Live at Lunch presents Cumulus (Portland)
February 25th- Cumulus, Zebra Hunt, and Kristin Allen Zito (Seattle)

This is the trunk my Oma used to hold all of her worldly possessions when she immigrated to the United States from Germany. I would not be here if it were not for the brave trip she took, all by herself, to Ellis Island.

I am certain that someone you love, someone who has had a profound impact on your life, is an immigrant. Tonight, tomorrow, you need to call them and tell them you love them. Call them and tell them you will fight for them, you will march for them, you will write letters and wait on hold for them.

If you do not know someone who is Muslim, go out and befriend someone who is. Do not drill them about their faith, there are books for that. Instead, ask them how their day is, what kind of music they like, what's their favorite movie? You will find out you have a lot more in common than you thought.

I somehow found the title of my future autobiography in my own alleyway.

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