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There are stars that are made...and there are stars that are born. Lombardo was born Michael Lombardo in Seattle, Washington to an Italian/Argentinian-American family. Growing up in a home fillled with musicians, Lombardo discovered a passion of his own for music. Heavily influenced by the diversity of the Seattle music scene, he aspired to blend a wide spectrum of genres. R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music all inspired Lombardo to embark on his own musical journey at the age of 17.

In the years to follow Lombardo began writing and recording music with his close friend and fellow R&B artist Brandon Michael. Lombardo kicked off his career via Youtube. Utilizing his distinct style to sing popular song covers, his Youtube channel quickly surpassed 1,000,000 views. He sharpened his performance skills at high profile nightclubs in the Seattle area, and soon his popularity extended well past the local NW scene. Lombardo's star qualities propelled him into social media stardom, with his Facebook artist page amassing over 600,000 fans. In 2013, Lombardo released his first studio album, entitled "Levitation". A listening experience which displayed his depth and versatility as an artist. Lombardo's first album received an astounding 78,000 downloads. Today, his versatility and charisma have captured the attention of people worldwide.

Eventually, Lombardo’s musical talent caught the attention of Latin music insider Frankie El Jefe. An accomplished talent scout, who himself has worked with a celebrated list of musical talents across the globe. Currently acting as Lombardo’s manager, Frankie El Jefe is exposing international audiences to Lombardo’s pure talent and charming persona. Frankie El Jefe has played a key role in showcasing one of the fastest up and coming artists in recent history.

After independently establishing an impressive fanbase, Lombardo found himself touring across America. Making music stops in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami. He then travelled internationally to open up for some of the biggest names in Latin and American music. Taking the stage with such artists as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Farruko, Tony Dize, DJ Pauly D, J Holiday, and Wynter Gordon. Today, Lombardo’s plans are never ending. He is currently working on his second studio album, with plans to one day share his passion for music with the world.


My brother 🙏 Brandon Michael

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes!!! TB 4 years ago with @daddyyankee at his studio in Puerto Rico. Time flies!

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