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Nigel Darren’s DJ journey began professionally back in 2002 four years after discovering not only his passion, but his god given talent. Starting off in Atlanta, provided him with a humble beginning blessed with knowing the right people, which always ensured his advancement. What started off as spinning at “Club 112” or “Club 908” in those early days, eventually resulted in working with lyrical icons such as: Lazy Bone, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, and more.

Since graduating from Georgia Tech in 2004, and relocating to Florida his DJing & Hosting skills have led to him doing behind the scenes work for the Comedy Show for Michael Winslow in 2004, to headlining the promotions coordination responsibility and handling celebrities at Miami's Y100 a Clear Channel Affiliate in 2010; with a mixture of everything in between.

Since his Y100 days DJ Nigel has been booked regularly by some of the largest entertainment entities and has made appearances on networks such as “Deco Drive”. Still in touch with his humble beginnings you can find DJ Nigel on his downtime at his old school haunts showing off his skills on the turntables at venues such as Area 7, O’Malleys, or Archies.
Specializing in a broad range of genre’s from Soul & Disco to RnB, Hip Hop, Electro House, Deep House, 80’s, Old School, Garage & Big Party tunes; his eclectic DJ style across all genres of Dance Music infused with His witty humor, passion and ability to gain audiences ‘staying power’, is steadily turning heads and ears and being noted as a real force to be reckoned with.

Bla Bla Bla Sex Drugs and BASS music, Alcohol. Rinse Repeat.....



Well shit.....

Woke up n one of my brothers lost his mother..... honestly one of the saddest moments of this year, I got blessed to meet her a few years ago at an event dedicated to her and again later on that year.... Angela was a light...
Mike Kelly I'm sorry bro

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