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The Impossible Kid, available now!

Aesop Rock has started skateboarding again. Nearly every day, he hits up the skate park, working to get his skills back up.

Skating and drawing (which he’s been doing more of, too) were his big passions before his hobby of making rap songs turned into a paying gig that turned into an accidental, 20-year long career, taking him from making beats in his bedroom to playing for crowds thousands deep. Going back to them just shy of 40-years old isn’t some kind of regressive midlife crisis move, though. It’s more like a way to help process everything that’s happened in his life over the past couple decades, and maybe to figure out the person he’s become. That’s also what he’s trying to do with his seventh solo album, The Impossible Kid.

Rap’s supposed to be a young man’s game, but Aesop’s only been improving as he’s gotten closer to middle age. He’s tackling different subject matter, going deep on topics like depression, his sometimes rocky relationships with his family, and the turbulent handful of years that culminated in Aesop leaving his adopted home of San Francisco to live in a barn out in the woods, where he recorded the foundations of The Impossible Kid.

Those years have been productive, though. Since his last solo album, 2012’s Skelethon, Aesop has released collaborative albums with Kimya Dawson (The Uncluded’s Hokey Fright in 2013), with Rob Sonic (Hail Mary Mallon’s Bestiary in 2014, which was tracked in the same barn in the woods), and with Homeboy Sandman (LICE’s self-titled EP in 2015). He’s also been actively crafting beats. Recent projects include producing the 32+ minute instrumental mix, The Blob, working together with Nike to provide the music for a series of their skateboarding videos, and producing the soundtrack for the upcoming film Bushwick, starring Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow.

Now comes The Impossible Kid, which finds Aesop still finding new ways to improve on the skills that have made him one of the kings of indie hip-hop. Part of the new creative process he brought to it includes a willingness to embrace the funny side that he kept quiet, when being taken as a serious lyricist was more of a priority. Combined with another newfound willingness to open up about his personal life, the bits of humor spiked throughout the album create a potent emotional cocktail. “Lotta Years” uses two short vignettes to meditate on outgrowing your corner of the culture while chuckling admiringly over the audacity of youth. “Blood Sandwich” recalls a couple of very weird scenes from his childhood starring his two brothers, told with the same combination of surreal comedy and genuine tenderness as a George Saunders story.
At the same time, this is the most purely Aesop Rock record of his career. Like Skelethon, Aesop exercised complete creative control over the whole thing, from the production (which he handled himself, with instrumental help from Philly’s Grimace Foundation) to conceptualizing the cover art by his friend Alex Pardee.

As you might have guessed, The Impossible Kid is a reference to Aesop himself, a person who’s spent his life doing things that seemed unthinkable before he just went and did them, blazing a visionary trail all his own. Two decades in, he’s still out there pushing it forward.

Aesop Rock's latest album The Impossible Kid, available now!

It gives me great pleasure to announce a return to the great midwestern region of this fine land. This July, I will head out with Rob Sonic and DJ Zone to do some professional-grade rapping. We will also bring our friend Open Mike Eagle (He's pro at rap too.)

Find the dates below and we'll see you when we get there.

Bushwick in theatres Aug. 25th. Very proud to have made music for this jammer.

Milwaukee.. Rob Sonic and I will be performing at Summerfest on July 7th with Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Grieves, Soul Position (Blueprint & RJD2), Sa-Roc, Plain Ole Bill, and LAST WORD.

Bushwick in theaters and on-demand August 25th!

This is the first feature film I've done original music for, and I am beyond excited to see this thing on the screen. Humongous love and thanks to all involved.

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Sundance goers - I wish badly I could be there for the upcoming premier of Bushwick, but I am currently on tour. Seeing this project come to fruition has been awesome - and the entire team is excited for its debut. Here is a list of showtimes for this weekend at the festival-
Saturday, January 21, midnight
Library Center Theatre, Park City

Sunday, January 22, 9:00 p.m.
Temple Theatre, Park City

Thursday, January 26, 6:30 p.m.
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City

Saturday, January 28, 11:45 p.m.
Egyptian Theatre, Park City

A message for anyone attending my upcoming Toronto show at Rebel -

To anyone who paid a “VIP” price for balcony seating at our original gig at Mod - Firstly I’d like to say that that was not supposed to happen. I don’t do “VIP” tickets or pricing, and this was going on without my knowledge. Secondly - the show is now at Rebel, so whatever fancy seats were being sold before don’t exist now anyway.

If you paid for a “VIP” ticket - you can be refunded the additional cost by contacting

Thanks a ton for making the larger show possible - and I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

For tickets to the show:

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