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Holly Near is a unique combination of entertainer, teacher, and activist.

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Hey northern Ca. I will be in Cotati, Ca at the Congregation Ner Shalom on June 3rd, 2017. It will be a special evening where I will have more space to talk about ideas, my travels in the world, things that I have learned in my 68 years. I will also sing many songs and talk about how the songs came to be. This is something I dont always have time to do in concert. Please join me and Jan Martinelli (on piano) and support Ner Shalom in their effort to keep music and progressive conversation alive and well in Cotati.

We take off this morning for northwest tour. Ashland, Portland, Eugene, Bellevue Wa 4pm, Seattle (sold out) , Vancouver, Port Townsend. Please check my website for details.

'What Is Wrong with You?': Michelle Obama Savages Trump for Gutting Her Legacy


Thank you Michelle Obama. Thank you.

alternet.org Former first lady attacks president’s reversal of regulations to help improve school lunches: ‘Think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.’ Michelle Obama has made her strongest political intervention since leaving the White House, stating bluntly at a health conference: “Think about w...

Looking forward to concert in Napa, Ca tonight and Campbell, Ca tomorrow. Singing with Tammy Hall at the piano, Jan Martinelli on bass and Sandy O (from emma's revolution) is going to stop by to sing some support vocals. My tour schedule is always posted on my website. Have a good day everyone.

I just keep saying it out loud, quietly in a prayer or loudly in a holler. Alone in my kitchen or when singing with the choir. One word so that we get used to it coming out of our mouths - to make it easier for the press to use the word and to empower the terrified who walk the halls of congress. To help people understand that it is not left or right but Constitutional. One word. IMPEACH. IMPEACH. IMPEACH. IMPEACH. IMPEACH.

The Wilderness Society


I just added my name to their petition to protect wilderness. http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=2002&ea.campaign.id=70122&ea.url.id=925786&forwarded=trueI

e-activist.com The Department of the Interior is "reviewing" previous national monument designations to recommend changes in their status, and it's up to the public to weigh in and defend the shared lands that matter to us.

Here are the lyrics in English for the Spanish song I recently posted.
Nunca Más Mujer - Woman, Never Again!
Fundación EPES Made possible by EPES
Written by Claudia Stern, Cecilia Concha Laborde, Jacqueline Castro y Christelle Durandy

Woman, never again!
Don’t let them raise a hand to you.
Women, never again!
Don’t let them raise their voice to you.

Don’t let them fence in your dreams.
Don’t let them lock up your soul.
Woman, never again!
Never again!
Don’t let them stifle your laughter.
Woman, never again!
Don’t let them weaken your will.

Don’t let them fence in your dreams.
Don’t let them lock up your soul.
Never again!

Feel the strength that runs in your veins.
Feel the life springing in you.
Never again!
Never again!


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