Two Buck Chuck

Purveyors of 100% Brotherly-Harmonied Acoustic Goodness since 2003!

Two Buck Chuck reunion at Murphy''s Pub on May 13th!! Sean joins Spockin' the Fiver on stage at the venerable Wallingford establishment this upcoming Saturday!!! Come and join the fun!!!!

Super Secret Show Alert!!! For 13 years Two Buck Chuck graced the stage of Queen Anne's Paragon Seattle until six months ago when brother Sean got work flying helicopter! Well, If'n you are feeling nostalgic, The two (joined by the third Chuck and Ryan's current Spockin' the Fiver compadre, Mr. Bernard Coan) will be returning to that very stage at that very venue THIS FRIDAY!!! September 23!!! It'll be great to see some old friends. It is also a going away party for Todd Stauber. Always a big fan of 2BC from back in the day!! 9:30 until . . . .

Special Secret Two Buck Chuck show!! Tonight!!! Wilde Rover Irish Pub!!! With Bern on the Shelf, Brother Sean Buck Chuck will fly down to Kirkland in his chopper and put out the fire with his presence!! Get well soon Bern!!! Spockin' The Fiver returns next week!!!! 9pm Ryan Mefferd, Sean Mefferd, Bernard Coan, Vanessa Mefferd, Juliana Lear Mefferd, Spockin' the Fiver

After Three months off, The Brothers Chuck will reunite for a Seafair VIP luncheon. Thanks to Emily Cantrell for inviting us!!

Those remaining Chucks, Ryan and Bern (Formerly members of famed pop plagiarists, Two Buck Chuck), now go by the handle Spockin' The Fiver (, and they have a nice busy week.

Tuesday, May 17th - Wilde Rover Irish Pub (Kirkland) 9pm
Friday, May 20th - Murphy's Pub (Wallingford) 9pm
Saturday, May 21st - Sand Point Golf and Country Club 6:30pm

Come join us. We have been keeping pretty busy since the days of Chuck. So has Sean. He is in Minnesota fighting fires in a helicopter! Beat that!!!

This Saturday, April 30th, those remaining Chucks, Bern and Ryan (under the new moniker, Spockin' The Fiver) will grace the stage at Murphy's Pub in Wallingford from 9pm to midnight! Come see about we!!!

Here is Sean Buck Chuck in Arizona! For those who don't know his job that was going to be in Papua, New Guinea has been modified. He is now training to fight fires (via copter) in Prescott, AZ.

Spockin' the Fiver

With much regret, the Boys of Two Buck Chuck bid you adieu. We will keep this page up to give you updates on the helicopterial exploits of one Charley Buck Chuck (Sean) as for the stateside Chucks, Ryan and Bern will be continuing on as Spockin' The Fiver ( For now also the moniker "artists formerly known as Two Buck Chuck" will apply! See you out and about!! Also, any "Likes" on the new page would be much appreciated!

Rising from the Ashes of famed pop plagiarists Two Buck Chuck, come Spockin' The Fiver. Soulful, Eclectic, Relentlessly Acoustic!

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