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Since it's inception in July of 2012, Shores Of Acheron has steadily strived to share their music with as much of the world as possible. In early 2013 the band released it's first debut EP titled, "End Of Reign" and continues to create more bonecrushing material for the future albums. The EP features Adam Warren of Oceano, who delivers some of the most brutal vocals you will ever hear. In May of 2013, Shores Of Acheron teamed up with Dan Watson of Infant Annihilator and created the face melting side project Faith In Convergence. Shores has had the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Born of Osiris, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Machine Head, Job For a Cowboy, Motionless in White, Erra, Mychildren Mybride, Emmure, In Dying Arms, King Conquer, Adestria, Mastodon, Battlecross, City in the Sea, Sirens and Sailors, Stand Your Ground, Oceano, Traitors, Barrier and more. In October of 2013 lead vocalist Zakk Evans was replaced by guitarist Ben Brice, and Tyler Caronna then picked up the position of guitarist. In January 2014 Shores released a single off of their upcoming EP titled "False Flag". In August of 2014, vocalist Ben Brice was replaced by original vocalist Zakk Evans. In February of 2015 the band then released the title track of their EP "Ira". Shortly after guitarist Tyler Caronna stepped down from his position of guitarist, and Dalton Domiano would take his place. Shores of Acheron has followed up their EP with yet another EP titled IRA which was released on 6-27-15. The material on the EP is more powerful and aggressive all the way around. This CD is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many others.

Shores Of Acheron is a brand new 5 piece metal band from Baton Rouge, LA. Formed in 2012. Shores Of Acheron strives to put on the most entergetic live performances possible, in addition to promoting a positive message. The band brings you haunting tracks filled with eerie melodies and slamming death metal riffs with fast paced, aggressive, full-on sections packed with brutal vocals, technical drum work, booming bass, and guitar tracks capable of providing the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

Eddie Hermida - "CJ McMahon is a sellout and deathcore is dying."

Shore Of Acheron - "cJ mCmAhOn iS a SeLlOuT aNd DeAtHcOrE iS dYiNg."

Ya boys are gonna be bringing the heavy with our buds in A Legacy Unwritten and Face Your Maker. Come catch us in Lafayette for the first time in ages 🤘

AngelMaker is sick. Can we get a hell yeah?

Someone tell Eddie in SS to go home. He's drunk.

What in the deathcore gods name are my ears hearing?!


By a show of likes who has listened to our track Mind's Eye that we released in 2016?

Announcing our first show of 2017 very soon! This will be our first show to feature tracks from our upcoming album "Lucid". Be sure to check it out!

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Band Interests

Fine women and heavy music.

Band Members

Zakk Evans - Vocals |

Todd Fletcher - Guitar |

Daton Domiano - Guitar |

Sam Ard - Bass |

Jesse Sigrist - Drums |


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General Manager

Todd Fletcher

Booking Agent

Blaine Wood
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