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Time to "LIV" it up this Thursday in Miami! Can't wait to celebrate the stars an stripes with you guys at LIV Miami this week 🇺🇸🎉

Grab your Slushiis here:

Ottawa you guys really made me feel at home 🇨🇦 💕@escapademf was one for the books eh!

We get pretty Sirius about music sometimes 📻 Ghastly Siriusxm

And for the weather today looks like we have partly slushii skies with a good chance of bass ☁️🍧 - back over to you Steve

A great song once told me "all you need is love" 😍 (bonus points if you can name the band)

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Slushin' it up at EDC Vegas 2017
Firefly Fest 2017!
Slushii Sparklez EDC
Happy Birthday Little Sis!
You rock Red Rocks!
Surprise radio station call ;)
Rowdytown Red Rocks
*cue Katy Perry's Firework*

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