Thunder Grey Pilgrim

Thunder Grey Pilgrim performing at Thirst for Light III (2016)

Our buddies Xasthur are heading out on the road again this year. Do yourself a huge favor and get a glimpse of the 12 string mastery before Scott goes back into Hermit mode. ;)

Heathens United Against Racism

As a band, Thunder Grey Pilgrim would like it's fans to know that we stand on what we believe is the correct side of history. There is no room for racism, bigotry, sexism, ableism, transphobia or any other form of hatred at our shows, in our community or in the world at large.
We will always hold space at our shows for all forms of life, but those who would divide us, those who would think to pick and choose who is 'worthy', they can head on.
Who are we to know better than the Gods, who helped create us all?

"By allowing this uneasy truce for decades, by acknowledging this “debate”, we have given legitimacy to outright racism. We have given bigots and cowards a big, fluffy, internet blanket to hide behind. And it has cost us dearly.

To the outside world, if they hear about “this Heathen stuff” or Asatru or some related term at all, racism gets lumped in with it. My own father came to me one day asking why a woman who sent him a friend request was listing Asatru as her religion and the National Socialist Party as her political affiliation. I had to explain why our religion gets connected with this garbage. To weakly argue “we’re not all like that”."

Thunder Grey Pilgrim playing at Thirst For Light III, June 16th 2016.
Thanks Nate Lore for the photo.

You can find us in the trees...

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Mitchell Bell - Guitar
Meagan Angus - Violin
Jeff King - Cello


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