Can loud, riffy guitars combine with electronic pop? There's only one way to find out...

Skyward is a big, messy, alternative rock band founded in the big, messy alternative mountains of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Meeting at James Madison University, they all banded together under the idea that loud guitars and crushing drums didn’t have to be mutually exclusive to an electronic, pop sound.

After four years and close to 400 shows all up and down the East Coast including an appearance at Warped Tour 2015 (as well as playing alongside diverse acts ranging from Pierce The Veil to Plain White T’s), Skyward now chooses to call Charlottesville, Virginia home base.

According to, “… their creative mission to marry the messy guitar theatrics of alternative rock with the stricter constraints and melodic emphasis in electronic pop produces individualistic magic.” Skyward’s sound would be equally at home in large venues in front of massive crowds as in more intimate club settings. And while stand-out tracks such as Casualty and Stand-Ins reach for the anthemic stars, tracks like Animal and (m)arrow keep Skyward’s sound pop-focused and immediately accessible. Some of those songs have even achieved placements on shows like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and "Stewarts And Hamiltons".

Now armed with their impending, debut, self-titled LP, (releasing everywhere 9.30.16) recorded at Radiant Studios and The Basement outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Skyward expects big things on the horizon. notes that “Skyward accomplishes in eleven songs what much more famous bands struggle to do over the course of two full length albums. There is a breathlessly exciting breadth of musical vision on this release, a go for broke spirit reaching for the best expression of its heart through musical form.”

Can loud, riffy, guitar-focused music still be pop? There’s only one way to find out…

We are Skyward, and we play big music.
Twitter: @SkywardBand
Instagram: @SkywardBand

Today, our honorary member not only fell from our arms, but fell for a very lucky lady. Excited for you, broski. Don't look down (not now). #lastparade #scootandbrando #skywardswag

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All the credit here goes to Kyle Hershey. Also, sorry we whitewashed @[707660263:2048:Jeremy Hashiguchi].

All the credit here goes to Kyle Hershey. Also, sorry we whitewashed Jeremy Hashiguchi.

Unfortunately, we are now no longer to play the show on Monday at Jammin' Java due to a family emergency.

Hopefully we can make it back up soon!

Straight Outta Central Virginia, a playlist by thecornerindiefest on Spotify

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Skyward // DENS @ The Ante Room - 2/4
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Band Interests

Highly refined cinema (Tropic Thunder), exquisite cuisine (Panda Express), opuses (Our own music probably), and beautifully crafted digital experiences (Call of Duty).

Band Members

Anna Breeding - synth/vocals
Jordan Breeding - guitars
Jeremy Hashiguchi - bass
Jonathan Huang - vocals
Caleb Gritsko - drums


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General Manager

Anne McGinnis - Outrider Music -

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