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after tonight's show here in fort wayne, indiana, the ohio, and indiana portion of this #50statetour will come to a close. there aren't enough words to express or explain, just how incredible this experience has been. day after day, we had the great privilege of meeting people who have invested in their communities, by organizing, attending, and volunteering their time, to not just music and the arts, but also, farmers markets, local government, and small businesses. no longer do i see the tiers, or formulas, on what makes the "market" function or work to my own benefit. i see people. people who sometimes face hardships for making things happen right where they are at in the town and cities they are from. it's crazy just how much is out there, in this vast and at times, endless landscape of america. music, and the people who love it are everywhere. how beautiful that is. see you on the next side of the #50statetour - stay tuned. xo. photo by lindsey j. barnes

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day two in indiana, and the weather couldn't be more beautiful. a big thank you to all who made it out to the instore at @lunamusic , here in indianapolis. it was pretty damn magical. not to mention the generosity of our hosts, who kept us well fed and stocked up on new vinyl purchases! this evening i have the great privilege performing with @jasonbarrows at indi alliance church. doors are at 7pm. photo taken by @polka.boy

I was honored to have Samuel Blaising create a piece that we turned into a poster for the Ohio portion of the 50 State Tour. It was filled with photos and stories of Ohio's rich history and was a perfect fit. Thank you Sam for being a part of this tour and to Kevin and @gxpohio for printing them up for us!

Tonight I have the pleasure of doing an in-store at @lunamusic in Indianapolis at 6pm. Come out and celebrate one of Indianapolis' gems.
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Today is the last day of my Ohio run. And we're leaving with a double header.
Youngstown, OH (sold out)
Akron, OH at Hive Mind

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Thank you Cincinnati for an incredible show at the @woodwardtheater , @carrierstheband for opening and @themundlife for the photo.
We are not even a week in and the 50 State Tour has proven itself to be a success due to the support and generosity of those who have attended, lent a hand, hosted and created. We have only 4 shows left in the state of Ohio before making our way to Indiana.
6/16 Newark, OH
6/17 Canton, OH
6/18 Youngstown, OH
6/18 Akron, OH

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