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MC/Singer/Songwriter Trufe, born Myles Robinson the second was raised in lower class pompano beach with his 3 siblings including producer and rapper Take Off of TakeOffBeats INC.Growing up in a musical family starting with his grandfather(guitarist),Mom(singer)and both brothers and sister ranging in various musical talents,With early influences such as Steve Wonder, Marvin gay ,and Boys 2 Men, he also studied the rap styles of 2pac, Jayz, Andre 3000,and Jadakiss just to name a few of his many influences in the game."Music is truly an art form that I believe you must respect first to honestly be great at it because for you to love something, you must respect it first ".With these many influences that have shaped him into the artist he is today Trufe classifies him and his genre as "Space Age Soul".His sound is very culture forward(HipHop),political,and it has an honesty in it that is truly a lost form in alot of today's music.With that being said Trufe has big plans for the release of his second and highly anticipated mixtape Realitly Slap 2 -Perfect Timing- ,set to be released in late Nov early Dec .Its safe to say that hiphop has had a void missing in it with this kind of artist since Lauren Hill ,and now with Trufe ready to fill these gigantic size shoes,not only will people see that the shoe fits, but that he is more destine to design and shape new ones to walk in this game.

Honest music with a lot to speak on

Weather is beautiful music is up #lifeisgood

New music from Browardso Outofpocket this time around we went with a more spacey vibe to keep giving you all variety hope yall enjoy pls like, share, leave comments drop some of your favorite bars out of this song and make sure you share the art for everyone else to enjoy

More music from myself and the Uzochi Uzi Onyejuruwa aka Browardso Outofpocket this time around we decided to give yall a more personal view into our lives and the struggles of maturing growing in your craft and the thoughts that come along with it. Thank you for continuously showing your support pls like share and leave comments
#yesss #heeeyyyy

@Regrann from @browardsooutofpocket - 2017 freestyle exercise. Production provided by @TwelveTales #Broward has @thetrufemovement954 & @uzi311 so #OutOfPocket #HipHop #SASHMusic #FloridasFinest #Yesss #Heeeyyyy #UnionStationStudios #TwelveTales - #regrann

The time has come the first of much new material set to be released this year thank you guys for your patience and continued support I hope yall enjoy and share to the world #trufe #yesss #hiphop #sashmusic #newmusic

The Hills Remix Ft Trufe

#yesss #Trufe #HipHop #remix #hills Take a listen as Trufe brings us another remix as he delivers witty bars over the Weekends"The Hills " Please share and follow on Twitter@thetrufe Facebook@thetrufemovement954 Instagram@thetrufemovem

Listen to Where Were You Ft. Trufe by Baby B #np on #SoundCloud

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