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"doing drugs to make music for people who do drugs since 2005"

pseudo-retro tele-gothic psycho-hippie filth-punk



Hay errboady! We've revamped www.ocelotomelet.com with a fresh new look! If you're needing a distraction from the current madness we're here for you.

ocelotomelet.com OCELOT OMELET — Psuedo-Retro Telegothic Psycho-Hippie Filth Punk from Seattle, WA — Official Site

Lord FoTog just sent us these great shots from the Substation show a couple weeks ago!

Гид по подаркам, часть 2. Темная сторона Интернета | The Ekb Room


via Google translate: "You are looking for an unusual gift or want to surprise the person who has everything? Toilet paper-dollars"...

"If nothing more words you have not, please refrain from the impersonal accordionist pictures, congratulations, "C # # the name of the holiday you!" And the song "Let run clumsily" underneath."


ekb-room.ru Ищете необычный подарок или хотите удивить человека, у которого есть все? Туалетная бумага-доллары, очки агента, незадуваемые свечи. Эротические приколы и

Thanks to all the fine freaks who made it out to Substation last night!

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