Can You Imagine?

Our new CD, ROMANCE!, is now available!

Seattle’s own power-pop combo Can You Imagine? has opened for such national acts as the Cute Lepers, Harvey Danger, Barbara Manning and The Tom Price Desert Classic. Their music has been featured in an ad campaign for Real Networks and they have appeared on KEXP’s much-coveted live in-studio performances. Comic art legend/guitarist Peter Bagge and producer/keyboardist extraordinaire Steve Fisk are joined by vocalist Michelle Plaitis, bassist Rachel Frost and drummer Sue Merrill. Together they create mind-bending go-go boot rock with howlingly excellent lyrics by Bagge, Frost and Plaitis.

Thanks to all who saw us at the Royal Room last night. Great night for us, and great venue!

Robert Crumb Hates You

Interview with R.Crumb and lookee here! A cameo from one Peter Bagge !: "One time I was signing books next to this guy Peter Bagge, who had young cute teenage girls lining up for him. His comics are very funny stories about young punk rock-type kids, a very sympathetic portrayal of their world." The world's greatest cartoonist in a sprawling interview.

Steve Fisk, Winner of the 2015 Stranger Genius Award in Music

Congrats to our own Steve Fisk! ONCE: Turned down an offer from Green Day to produce the mega-popular punk band, right before they recorded their 1994 breakthrough album, Dookie. PRODUCED: A handful of Nirvana songs, but thought the Kurt Cobain biopic Cobain: Montage of Heck was exploitative rubbish. PLAYED: Keyboards on Pell Mell…

Steve Fisk, 2015 Stranger Genius Award Nominee in Music Is: Most known as a producer, although he also performs and records. Has produced/engineered: Music by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Unwound, and the Wedding Present, and poetry by Steven Jesse Bernstein. Is a certified: "Genius," according to one of those culturally biased tests from the 1…

An Interview with Peter Bagge

This interview with Peter Bagge features several song clips by our band: Derek interviews Peter Bagge at the 2015 Fan Expo Dallas. They discuss this recent work in graphic biographies, his older comics, and music.

Band Members

Michelle Brake - lead vocal, percussion
Peter Bagge - guitar, vocals
Rachel Frost - bass, vocals
Steve Fisk - keys
Sue Merrill - drums, vocals


Record Label

yes, please
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