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This is the Official Facebook Page of the Caleruega Children's Choir. They sing every 11:00am Sunday Mass at Caleruega Philippines, Nasugbu, Batangas.

The Caleruega Children's Choir began when Caleruega employees were invited to volunteer their children (range: elementary till high school, 8-16 years old) to form a choir who will sing for the regular 11:00am Sunday Mass at Caleruega Philippines. There were NO AUDITIONS, with the first choir practice on October 12, 2013. After doing their best to not sound off-tune, the kids sang at their first Mass on November 3, 2013 - no voicing, all songs in unison. Later on, other kids from the local rural area - their friends, classmates & relatives - joined the choir. Their mission: "mga Batang Umaawit para sa mga Nagmamahal at Nagdarasal".

On December 2013, they had a "Christmas Carolling" to their own families, visiting their homes along the highway and in remote areas involving 30-minute walks along the mountain or through muddy farm roads. Though their homes have electricity, many don't have a running water system (some even fetch water from a distant river) & the pathways are unlit mountain trails - thus the visit was truly a welcome gift. It is their parents' hope that joining the choir, their kids will not only learn how to sing but to also learn spiritual & life values that will help them find better opportunities in life.

For the month of February 2014, they had their first "Harana sa Caleruega" as they sang a few love songs with some choreography at the lobby of the main building after every Sunday mass.

They sang at their first Wedding Anniversary Mass on March 16, 2014 & at their first Wedding Mass on March 22.

As Holy Week 2014 was approaching, they took the chance to learn how to sing 4 voices for the first time - a challenge given to them so that they can sing at least 2 songs with the regular choir for Holy Week at Caleruega: volunteer professors and students from the UST Conservatory of Music. They were finally a choir capable of voicing & some note reading.

As they were planning for their summer 2014 sportsfest, an invitation came from Manila to join other kids' choirs in a concert. They sang at the concert "The Heat Never Bothered Me Anyway" together with 4 other choirs from underprivileged communities, at EDSA Shrine on June 7, 2014. This concert now dubbed "The Rain Never Bothered Me Anyway" was repeated back home at their local area, at Kaylaway Elementary School & at Taal Vista Hotel on July 12, 2014, and at Caleruega Philippines on July 13, 2014.

The Caleruega Children's Choir is under the tutelage of Fr. Allen OP as resident choir director, keyboardist & values coach, Ms. Korin Dinco as assistant choir trainer, and with Ms. Maria Lulu P. Orlina of the UST High School Glee Club as invited conductor from Manila. Guest musicians & choir conductors/trainers are invited every now and then to further develop the kids' music/choir skills.

The children-members of the choir are given support for their schooling through school supplies, uniform, shoes, school fees & transportation fare, and for their choir training through music instruments & choir costume - by Caleruega and volunteer sponsors & benefactors. Prayerful thanks for your generous help, God bless! :)

Caleruega Children's Choir
mga Batang Umaawit para sa Diyos, at para sa mga Taong Nagmamahal at Nagdarasal

They may be invited for weddings at Caleruega during weekends, holidays & vacation-from-school season. Pray with them as they sing at the regular 11:00am Sunday Mass at Caleruega Philippines.

Thank you so much sir Ronald Raz & ma'am Alijah Raz! The skills you have imparted with your efforts & sacrifice is our humble offering to our Lord, a prayer that our young choir will have a better future through all the music & values they have learned from you these past weekends. God bless & bon voyage! We will include you in our prayers, till we meet again... :) - Fr. Allen OP, and Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir

ATM, Swimming & Thanksgiving for Grade 6 & Grade 10 "graduates", Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir #prayerfulthankstooursponsors #AnalynPhilippeVergnes

Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir prayed for you here... :)

Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir prayed for you here... :)

Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir prayed for you here... :)

Caleruega Chorus & Children's Choir prayed for you here... :)


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