Your Mother Should Know

Your Mother Should Know is a band that runs on dreams: the realm visited in sleep, but also YOUR HEART’s DESIRE. Rock and Roll Dreamtime: where music is myth, magic, and fairy tale; white hot, sweaty and shaking with feeling and desire.

"If my thought-dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in the guillotine"

Music rooted in the heart of rock n soul, with punk attitude and garage sound; plugged into the collective unconscious, the polymorphous perverse, our original face before we were born;
"When you ain't got nothin you got nothin to lose"--Bob Dylan
"Outside of society--that's where I wanna be"--Patti Smith
"Ain't no sin to be glad you're alive"--Bruce Springsteen
"Hey Ho Let's Go"--The Ramones
"All you need is love"--The Beatles

Your Mother Should Know returns to public view! (or at least some of us). Solo opener for this show comin right up!

St. Rage - St. Rage

Our ep covering a few St Rage numbers actually got a review! No More Division is dedicated to informing the public about the different types of independent music that is available for your listening pleasure as well as giving the artist a professional...

YMSK covers 7 songs by the legendary wunderkinds, ST RAGE, along with readings from Karen Eisenbrey's new novel!

Occasionally I get reminded that I haven't posted for a while. Just a check-in to let you know we're working on new songs, we've got a great new BASS player, and we should have a show booked somewhere near you SOON!

Dead Bars has been performing a TERRIFIC cover of our song Tear-Shaped Bruise for a little while now. This was from Roachella at Victory Lounge the other night.

Band Members

Neal Meyer: writer, singer, guitar player
Karen Eisenbrey: singer, drummer


Current Location

Record Label

Skald Records

General Manager

Self managed

Booking Agent

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