Your Mother Should Know

Your Mother Should Know is a band that runs on dreams: the realm visited in sleep, but also YOUR HEART’s DESIRE. Rock and Roll Dreamtime: where music is myth, magic, and fairy tale; white hot, sweaty and shaking with feeling and desire.

"If my thought-dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in the guillotine"

Music rooted in the heart of rock n soul, with punk attitude and garage sound; plugged into the collective unconscious, the polymorphous perverse, our original face before we were born;
"When you ain't got nothin you got nothin to lose"--Bob Dylan
"Outside of society--that's where I wanna be"--Patti Smith
"Ain't no sin to be glad you're alive"--Bruce Springsteen
"Hey Ho Let's Go"--The Ramones
"All you need is love"--The Beatles

Dead Bars playin our song on KEXP!



Your Mother Should Know returns to public view! (or at least some of us). Solo opener for this show comin right up!

St. Rage - St. Rage

Our ep covering a few St Rage numbers actually got a review! No More Division is dedicated to informing the public about the different types of independent music that is available for your listening pleasure as well as giving the artist a professional...

YMSK covers 7 songs by the legendary wunderkinds, ST RAGE, along with readings from Karen Eisenbrey's new novel!

Occasionally I get reminded that I haven't posted for a while. Just a check-in to let you know we're working on new songs, we've got a great new BASS player, and we should have a show booked somewhere near you SOON!

Band Members

Neal Meyer: writer, singer, guitar player
Karen Eisenbrey: singer, drummer


Current Location

Record Label

Skald Records

General Manager

Self managed

Booking Agent

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