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Lunar Disko

Clips now up on Lunar Disko's page for next release. Time Marches on part 1 featuring VC-118A, John Heckle, Conan O'Donell and 214.
Out in 2 weeks at all you fav retailers.

Part 1 of our Various Artists EP's next up! LDR_20 out on 15th May...

Steffi mixes fabric 94


Excited to finally share this!
I have a new track on a second Fabric comp. This one put together by the inimitable Steffi.

All tracks were commissioned just for this comp/mix so all will be exclusive to the release.

Big thanks to Steffi for all the feedback. Was an absolute pleasure working with her on this. 🙏

residentadvisor.net Her set is made entirely of exclusive material, including tracks she produced with Shed and Martyn.

Coming soon on Lunar Disko. TP sounds 👌🏽
This one is a V/A featuring myself, John Heckle, VC-118A, and Conan O'Donnell.

214: Fuzzy Leash


Looks like Hardwax received the last few copies of the EP I did on Yellow Machines in 2012. Not many. https://hardwax.com/35469/214/fuzzy-leash/


Clone Records: 214 - April 2017 Chart


Here's a new chart for Clone. https://clone.nl/charts/214/1374

clone.nl 214 - April 2017 Chart

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