The Treez

You'll enjoy having fun liking it

Been in the game 11 years now.
Been homies since ballin in high school.
Our CD has the best producers STL has to offer
and its full of Lots of great STL guest Emcees.
We strive for versatility, but always keep it authentic.
We appreciate all of HipHops sub-genres and they are
represented well on our new cd "Out on a Limb"
Czech it out and tell us how ill it is. Like most artist.. We like that.

Two dudes... real, normal regular job working guys from St. Louis who just so happen to get the illest beats out of anybody in life. Seriously people, Ill put our best knocks against anyones. Platinum status, Emmy winnin, Emmy nominated, Red Bull Big Tune dominating, Skribble Jam Lou reppin, master craftsman producer type of shit... We can and do rip any type of beat, some Crunk, some Electro party type, some super grimey East Coast Samples, anything... and you arent gonna hear some nonsense bullshit outta us. We dont talk about our cars (even tho they are kinda tough), we dont talk bout ice or jewels, crack, makin millions of dollars, trickin off hookers, hitting girls, or shooting people. Soo... for the half of you that didnt just move along, LoL, your gonna like what your hear: witty lines, crazy beats, soul baring lyrics about personal losses and the women we've loved, and a few new subjects that havent really been addressed in the Rap game... Were on it

What song off of Out on a Limb needs a video?

TREEZ WHAT?!?! We need to make a reunion album with all the OG members

iTunes - Music - Out On a Limb by The Treez

Ok I KNOW for sure Alot of ya'll got this CD!! Im lookin at the empty boxes in my room right now... Some of ya'll paid, some of ya'll got if for free, some of ya'll spit a verse, some of ya'll made a beat... AND it would be REALLY dope if you went to the Itunes link and left some comments for us! Make us look as legit as i like to think we might be haha... Preview songs from Out On a Limb by The Treez on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Out On a Limb for $9.99. Songs start at just $0.99.

Thats BS!!! You know its real!!!!

Please Help. Today is the last day to vote! We are down 30 votes! Taste of StL Contest

iTunes - Music - Out On a Limb by The Treez

If you dont have this then you dont like us. Preview songs from Out On a Limb by The Treez on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Out On a Limb for $9.99. Songs start at just $0.99.


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Putting out a Classic album that wey'll always be proud of and share with the Grandkids in 50 years, going all out every show we do and never use some weak ass backtracks, making sure people have a great time at every live performance, making a living off of music for a few years instead of our 9 to 5's, writings lines that make people show their O face, saying a line that inspire people to do great things themselves, being the next big thing outta St. Louis and reppin our city to the fullest.

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Justin Mitchell 314-.277-8314
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