Limits / Ego / Fear - Be Without. Michael Draper - Vocals Joseph Graham - Drums Wade Nelson - Bass Spencer Arnold - Guitar Adam Smith - Guitar

Monday rehearsals.... already working on the next EP!

One of the tracks off of our forthcoming EP is titled "TWO WOLVES" and is inspired by an old Cherokee proverb - The Tale of Two Wolves.
The premise is that there are two wolves that live within each of us - one good and one evil...
After reflection and introspection, it poses a question:
Which one will be the dominant force in my existence?

The answer is also a question:
Which wolf am I feeding?

"FACTIONS" recording sessions at Interlace Studios - with major dude Stephan Hawkes at the helm.

The songs sound HUGE!

Release updates coming shortly!!!


The finishing touches are being put on our forthcoming debut EP, entitled "FACTIONS".

Look for updates about release shortly!

In the meantime, please check out our website:

With love,

Tracking for our upcoming EP "Factions" is complete. This album sounds incredible. We can't wait to show you.

As we open 2017 and prepare to hit the studio to record our debut EP, we just wanted to take a quick second to thank all of you who have taken a second to give us a like here. Your support is much appreciated and we can't wait to have some slamming rock 'n roll for you!

Happy New Year and STAY TUNED!

- A/J/M/S/W


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