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Videos by Mayor Boss from Nigeria. Mayor Boss is a recording Artist, singer, songwriter and video producer based in Europe,

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Don't Worry Mom

Steps for Self Care

Signs that you aren't getting any younger

Be careful with the girl who keeps on forgiving your mistakes.

Men Will Be Men.

Do you know anyone like this

Always Love Your Mom

She is the type of girl that can be so hurt

Pass it on

Pass it on

Don't you agree?

Even when they don't deserve it

Give them more reasons to be jealous.

Tag someone who is your partner in crime

Tag a friend who is always hungry

Tag someone that makes you happy

He Will Never Cheat

Few Signs He Loves You, Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud.

Nice little story of Blind Boy

Gossips are worse than thieves because they steal another person's dignity, honor, reputation and credibility, which are impossible to restore. So remember this .

Current emotion
Tag a friend to waste their time :)

Man really loves you



It's nice to be nice.

things all men want woman to stop doing


God's plan is always perfect

Negative people

Happy 😊

A great relationship

Type Yes if you agree

The 3 C's of life

Always end the day with a positive thought.

Dear Best Friend

New Song Premiere "So Cold"

My new song Premiere "So Cold"

Mayor boss music

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