Needless To Say


Within only one year of their formation, South Florida metal band Needless To Say has been turning heads and causing a stir in the music scene. Through playing alongside national acts like Black Tide and performing at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour, Needless To Say’s emotionally captivating lyrics, virtuosic musicianship, and well thought out songwriting have their fans and audiences singing along to all aspects of their music, both live and in the confines of themselves.

With the release of their debut EP and their constant promotion, Needless To Say will continue to extend their name and musical message to all parts of the world.

Feeling both emotionally drained and relieved, musically satisfied yet craving for more, and many hair propellers later, you will be left with few words, but one idea for certain: Needless To Say is here to dominate.

: Today's the day!!! For anyone who's been into NTS, here's another project by John!
RVU's "In The Middle Of The Night" has been released May 14th, 2013 on iTunes and BandCamp! For fans of Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream, Lipona and STRUNG OUT!

Pick yourself up the record and rock the hell out!!



We're not dead. Just been going through some changes, we'll update you guys soon!

NTS is booking shows! Hit us up! :)

Don't wait PRESALE ends this sunday March 25th

Some cool comments on our band from our show at The Funky Biscuit last week! Also, buy a copy of the compOWLation! :) Jordan H., on group Needless to Say: “The girl was very into the music and kept the crowd hype and was very interactive.”

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Needless To Say- Affinity
Needless To Say [Redemption(Take Me Away)]


Band Members

Julz: Vocals
Johnny: Guitar
John (Gumby): Guitar
Sonia: Keys
Jules: Bass
Trey: Drums


Current Location

Record Label


General Manager

John Kiernan: 1 305 393 3983
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