As she wrote murder

Its a work in progress!

This Shit Is Actually Pretty Sick, I Came Up With A New Drum Riff And Jason Is Putting Some Lyrics In! Were Working On Our 3rd Song Called "Murder in Disguise" And All We Need Now Is To Put The Guitars In It And We'll Be Set And Ready To Play For You Guys!!

Who's Going To The Show On October 16th? Let Us Kno So We Can Let You kno Everything! Hit Us Up So We Can Give You The Time And Address!!

Concert Date Got Changed To November 16th So Go To The Concert And Show Your Support

concert on october 19 who is down to show ur support!!!!!!!!

Heyyy, Guess The Fuck What!??? Got Shit Done Tonight And Were Killin It >:D Bringing The Fucking Heat >:O Ooohh

Had A Fucking Sick Ass Jam Sesh Today >:D Got Shit Done!!

About To Kick It Off In Band Practice :D Yaayyy For Practice N' Shittt


Band Interests

just making music and chillen for now

Band Members

Drummer: John Ulibarri
lead guitarists: Justin G. Ward
lead vocalist: Jason Elaurza


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