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24-year old Singer/Songwriter from Boston, MA. For serious business inquiries: jjillian1@gmail.com

Jillian Jensen is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Singing since the age of two and writing/composing original music since the age of eight, Jillian has since released two albums of all original songs and has written/composed well over 100 songs of all different genres. Aside from being an exceptional singer/songwriter, Jillian is a talented multi-instrumentalist as well. She currently plays the guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, drums, bass and Ukulele. Jillian’s passion for Music pushes her to expand her knowledge of instruments and experimenting with different sounds to incorporate in her songs.

Jillian was featured on the hit show “X-Factor” in September 2012 with her intensely emotional rendition of singer Jessie J’s “Who You Are”, in which her performance awarded her a standing applause and countless tears from both audience and judges.

Jillian is a strong advocate of anti-bullying, and has been on a nationwide campaign to promote that cause, having visited schools and universities, where she performed and spoke with students, parents and staff about the dangers and effects of bullying. Jillian also donates her time to charitable causes when her schedule permits.

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Jillian Jensen
331 Braley Hill Road
Rochester, MA

24-year old Singer/Songwriter from Boston, MA.

Just watched my new music video and all I can say is @lyles SLAYED that ish... #Stay #newmusic #ComingSoon

I'll love you long after you're gone gone gone

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