Sex Prisoner

To Live A Lie Records Bad Teeth Recordings Deep Six RSR

Next up:
3/17 Austin, TX @ the Lost Well
3/18 Dallas, TX @ Three Links

Our good friend To Live a Lie will be releasing this on cassette later this year just for all you tape nerds. More details soon, friends.

Arizona friends, this will be a wonderful time filled with unforgettable memories.

Can't wait to drink some ice cold Tecates with all our Tijuana friends.

Fuck a wall. Sex Prisoner is going back to Tijuana this August. More info soon...

Come watch us play and drink some Mt Dew on the rocks afterwards! Look forward to seeing all of you

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Band Members

Kyle -Bass/Vocas
Kevin -Vocals
Gilbert -Drums
Matthew -Guitar


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To Live A Lie, Bad Teeth Recordings
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