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Tomorrow night! Someone bring us a Dew and some flaming hot Cheetos please. Thanks!

CVLT Nation Interviews SEX PRISONER

CVLT Nation interviewed us at Austin Terror fest a couple weeks ago. Kick it! Teddie Taylor interviews Sex Prisoner Tucson, Arizona’s Sex Prisoner take the abrasiveness of the Sonoran and convert it into a sweltering sound as short-lived as the sunset on the desert horizon. In 2016, their brilliantly cacophonous Tannhäuser Gate became an immediate staple in any powerviolence/...

Remember that split with Haymaker we announced a while back? Word on the mean streets is it'll be out shortly...

A powerviolence wonderland.

Dallas tonight @ Three Links with our friends in Genocide Pact again. Should be radical.

Howdy y'all,

We're playing in Austin, TX tonight @ the Lost Well with our friends in Genocide Pact. Should be a classic ol time.

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Kyle -Bass/Vocas
Kevin -Vocals
Gilbert -Drums
Matthew -Guitar


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To Live A Lie, Bad Teeth Recordings
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