Braver Pilot

Braver Pilot is the name I've been using for the handful of electronic tracks I've put up on the internet... now it's a live band.

Thanks for liking! We have a show on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Monkey Pub. We're playing with Sigmund Friend (Drew and Clark) at 10pm. If you're in Seattle area, come out.

Created a page... now I'm working on posting my electro album on Bandcamp with this slow ass internet connection. It's called A Gun In The First (see Chekhov's Gun) and it consists of sequence versions of a bunch of stuff I've written over the last year, some of which Jake and I will be playing at our first show at The Monkey Pub on November 11.

Band Members

Jeff Tripoli - Keys
Tristan Harper - Guitar
Clark Kent - Bass
Jake Cassell - Drums


Current Location

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