The Stitched Lips

"Working class rock n roll for the working class."

4 young punks with nothing but energy and love for rock n roll music.

Here it is!! An event will be made for you guys but for the mean time, here's the badass flier our good friend Darryl Blood made for us

July 14th is the date!

Alex Guzman's house is the location!

Stitched Lips
Black Mambas

Flyer up soon

Reunion show next month...your not down....

A huge thank you to the people who showed us love at the compton show this past saturday. Thank you frankie for giving us a chance to play our last show to the people that have surrounded us with love, support and respect for doing what we love to do. This may or may not be the end but for right now we're put out our stitched lips torches and lightin up our next torch for the next chapter. Much love and luck to our boy Ricky Shagg. You'll be dearly missed my friend. And thanks again to YOU! Keep supporting rock n roll music. Working-class Rock n Roll for the working-class...and we all fuckin bleed for it.

Thanks to bands we love and had the honour to play with: Dirty Eyes. The Crazy Squeeze. Black Mambas. Black Boots. The Dogs. The Ringleaders. The Racket. Craic Haus. The Zeros. Black Beverly Heels. Brainspoon. Superbees. And more and more and more.

The Stitched Lips.

A little late but our first venue show kicked ass. Black Boots and humonstro are badass and we're proud to call em friends. The 25th people! Dirty Eyes. The Crazy Squeeze. Black Mambas. The Stitched Lips. Lets make history!

Bleed for Rock n Roll!


Band Members

Ricky, Sergio, Eric, Luis


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