The B’shnorkestra is a new large ensemble project featuring the work of composer Samantha Boshnack. In the B’shnorkestra, strings and percussion orchestrate the soaring melodic and tightly punctuated horn lines she’s celebrated for.

Comprised of 14 instrumentalists, the B’shnorkestra brings together musicians from many different Seattle music communities including: jazz (free, modern, straight-ahead), rock, avant-garde, salsa, pop, klezmer, Balkan, neo-soul/hip-hop, reggae, and classical. The music draws from and blends these genres into a language all its own, showcasing the wealth and variety of talents found in the B’shnorkestra players.

Golden Ear Awards 2016 Ballot - Earshot Jazz

B’shnorkestra has been nominated for two Earshot Golden Ear Awards! Ballots must be cast by March 8! We are nominated for Album of the Year (for Global Concertos) and Acoustic Jazz Ensemble. Cast your vote for us here https://www.earshot.org/gea-2016-ballot/. Thank you!!!
Here is a video of us playing Concerto for Christos- https://youtu.be/0Vfwh7tpFWg

earshot.org (Max Holmberg, drums, Greg Feingold, upright bass, Cole Schuster, guitar) get the night going at 6pm, with the awards ceremony beginning at 7pm. Then, stick around after the ceremony for

Global Concertos


We are thrilled and honored to be nominated for both Album of the Year (for Global Concertos) and Acoustic Jazz Ensemble in the Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards! Cast your vote for us here https://www.earshot.org/gea-2016-ballot/. Take a listen, you can currently listen to the whole record on Soundcloud. Thank you!

soundcloud.com Listen to Global Concertos by Samantha Boshnack #np on #SoundCloud

Tomorrow - we will be performing Global Concertos. Global Concertos is a collection of five compositions premiered in 2015, each showcasing a guest soloist’s instrument and tradition: Thione Diop – West African talking drum, Christos Govetas – Greek clarinet, Srivani Jade – North Indian vocals, Julio Jauregui – Latin American piano and Thomas Marriott – American jazz trumpet. In Global Concertos each artist brings their individual voice to the B’shnorkestra to create a new “all world” sound.

Second Inversion

Thank you Second Inversion for posting this interview/feature about Monday's Earshot Jazz Festival show (https://www.facebook.com/events/1228990217153757/)! Much information on this work is revealed - take a read.

Samantha Boshnack rethinks the classical concerto with her international opus, "Global Concertos." Performed with her B'shnorkestra, the "Global Concertos" are a collection of five distinct pieces written for world-class soloists and instruments from all over the world. You can catch the live performance this Monday, Oct. 24 at PONCHO Concert Hall at Cornish College of the Arts as part of the Earshot Jazz festival. Check out our Q&A with Samantha to find out more about the piece: bit.ly/GlobalConcertos

Another stellar rehearsal with two killer soloists. EARSHOT FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE IS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! https://www.facebook.com/events/1228990217153757/, and Tacoma is on November 1 http://classicaltuesdays.blogspot.com/2016/08/2016-17-season-our-12th.html

B'shnorkestra performing Global Concertos with guest soloist Srivani Jade.

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