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Swamp Meat bring a lazy '60s feel to their lighter, floral-patterned, psychedelic-tinged garage. Frayed and a little off, their casual approach wins. You want some harmonica in there? Put some harmonica in there. You want that high note in there, but you're not sure you can hit it? Whatever, it's great. That's seriously what makes it great. If I wanted to listen to perfectly executed vintage pop, I wouldn't. - The Stranger

Swamp Meat, Elephant Graveyard (out now, self-released, swampmeat.bandcamp.com): A new take on ’60s psychedelic pop, Graveyard is all at once expansive and controlled. The first track, “Snake Eat Self,” is reminiscent of some of Hendrix’s trippier soundscapes like “1983 . . . (A Merman I Should Turn to Be),” while the following number, “Katie’s Farm,” is more of an upbeat rendering of the classic-pop mold. - Seattle Weekly

Swamp Meat 7-inch (out now, self-released, swampmeat.bandcamp.com): Swampy is an apt descriptor for this trio’s latest, given their penchant for muddy, lo-fi production values and love of large-room reverb. The B-side, “Filling Up the Void,” is particularly thick and languid, with both a male and female vocal buried in the marshy mix. - Seattle Weekly



Tour return show tonight!!! Show!!! Swamp Meat, Super Projection, Advertisement, Breeze Thank you to everyone who made the Breeze/Swamp Meat tour a dream come true http://gph.is/2oJfdcl


We have shirts now?!?! Big thanks to Lila Burns for the illustrations and Mike Walker for printing them up. Also Laura Seniow made some one of a kind buttons! You can snag one at the show tomorrow night Royal brat / swamp meat / malady of sevendials / baywitch. It is a rippin lineup and our last show in the city for a while??? Thank you to all the buds for your endless support, love you all <3

Show alert tomorrow night with Baywitch Super Projection and Roy Rodgers is releasing their new record. Very exciting!!!

!!!FREE SHOW!!! alert tonight, treat yourself :)

Photo by, Lila Burns

We have a BRAND NEW song on Puppy Teeth Records ACLU+Planned Parenthood benefit compilation. Bats & Rainbows features vocals by the ever excellent Lilac and was inspired by our love for Thee Oh Sees album Help. The last tape sold out real quick so do not snooze on this one!!!


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