Anatolia's Finest

Electronic tales, Industrial Beats, and spoken words. Noh and Metatron deliver. What is Ambition? What is Faith?


Spreading love from Metasonix. DEMOS OF SOME SICK NEW STUFF. <3.

From Sean: "So this guy in Germany has been bugging me to do some noise crap for him for his label. Anywho. Banged some crap out quickly. D1000 on all of it. Running its own clock. The rest is tm-3/1"

act ii - Tenaya7

Randomly noticed a spike of interest in this old track all of a sudden.

Bizarre. Sample of what's to come in superHeroin101. Tenaya 7 - Vicious heroine from Power Rangers RPM, slave to the machine God Venjix, but ready to enact her rage. Zeiram - intergalactic space demon, and n

Holla! Cid Vishiz and Alex Riegel and I made it to Spotify. So listen up and help me replace my drum machine.

Feral Gator Alkaline Drive (Cid Vishiz Remix)

NEW REMIX FROM Cid Vishiz. Spiral through a mess of wires, and magnetic tape. Art by Alex Riegel. Anatolia's Finest, is the one piece industrial noise outfit of producer Metatron, and vocalist Noh. Will evil prevail? What is ambition? What is faith? What is Anatolia's Finest.

Robotic panther jaw spit only incoherent prose - Anatolia's Finest

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Band Members

Noh - Vocalist. Noise Junky
Metatron - Producer


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