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we have a digital single out today called "meow meow lullaby"

enjoy alone or with your young ones!

see song origin below. also, we would like to state that we like cats and dogs equally🐾

a few years ago we were asked to contribute to a compilation called "for the kids, too"put out by nettwerk records to benefit the lili claire foundation, an organization that helps improve the lives of children (and their families) living with neurogenetic birth conditions.

the song could be a cover or an original. i'd always wanted to do a version of "inchworm," which i remembered from the hans christian andersen film, so proposed that. daniel suggested i write something. well, i did have a sort of lullaby-ish guitar melody lying around that i'd never known quite what to do with...

as a kid i loved the moment when mister rogers would announce that the trolley was going to the land of make believe. the cool, low piano part would start, the trolley's bell would ring and suddenly we were somewhere far away. i liked the transition more than anything that happened in the land of make believe, with one exception: henrietta pussycat saying "meow meow" before, and sometimes after, every sentence. that had always stuck with me (which made me enjoy the "meow" cop scene in super troopers even more, look it up if you don't know it).

i thought about that and began meowing along to the song, wrote a few words about a kitten too small for his mittens, and voila, kid tune. we've played it live a few times, which is a weird fit for a (ahem) serious rock and roll band, but getting a whole audience to purr is pretty great. it's also the soundtrack of a (probably obscure) nintendo game. but we've never put it out until now. give it a shot tonight if your kiddos can't fall asleep!


hello people who wear clothes!

our summer merch sale has started with 20% off all apparel. now's a great time to get ready for the heat and stock up on some cool t-shirts, hoodies and, for the newest ones in your family, onesies.

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In Crown Heights at Bryce Goggin's Trout Recording! Band practice sounded good yesterday, so we decided to come in and put something down.

(really) amazing spoon and new pornographers show? check. going to bed at quarter-to-four? check. playing free 30-minute solo show at 10:30 am at the blackheart (86 rainey street, austin, texas)? check. were you up late too? would you come help me sing some old ones and hear some new ones? you're the best (even if you don't come)

hello south by southwest folks, i'm looking forward to seeing you in austin this week!

the highlight of my trip every year is being on my dear friend Karen Glauber's panel. i don't know how many times i've done it but they're starting to add up. it's always a thrill (because i don't know what's going to happen) and an honor (because the other artists are invariably people i deeply admire). i've heard great stories and anecdotes and received useful advice. i've gotten to sit in on big star's "thirteen" with jody stephens, play the hook of the dream syndicate's "tell me when it's over" with steve wynn, play "rushing" with dan wilson and help him in an audience sing-along of "closing time." i was once asked to write a song on the spot (i'm happy to say both that i got through it and that it wasn't recorded!). but best of all, as a fan, i've gotten to sit and watch a number of my all-time favorite songwriters pick up a guitar and sing a song i love, or a new one i'm going to, just a few feet away. this year's panel is called "i wrote that song," and my best guess is that it will consist of karen asking us to play her favorite songs of ours. the line-up of other panelists this year is nuts: britt daniel from spoon, chris stamey from the dB's, mac mccaughan from superchunk and mike mills from r.e.m. if you're nearby, don't miss it! thursday march 16th, austin convention center room 16AB, 3:30-4:30 p.m.

the only other time i'm playing is wednesday at 10:30 a.m. for 30 minutes on the pledge music porch at the blackheart (86 rainey st. austin, tx 78701). after our early years of driving across town through traffic to play all over, i'm mostly happy to just be there to catch up with old and new friends and listen to music, but i'll have a guitar with me, and it's easy to get around alone, so thought i should do something.

wednesday morning's show open to the public. if you have a badge and only have time to go to one, go to karen's panel : )

"Date My Phone" is an unreleased track from the You Know Who You Are sessions. We've contributed it to Rough Trade Publishing's "A Song a Day Keeps the Pain Away" benefit for the Southern Poverty Law Center It's a 90-Day Bandcamp subscription featuring a new song by a different band every day. It costs $20.17 but it's for a good cause. If you decide to go for it, thank you and enjoy! #sdrtp.

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