Beltaine is a Celtic Fusion band that features hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute, accordion and vocals. We are currently promoting four CDs.

2016 – Tilly’s Jig (original/trad. compositions, vocal/instrumental)
2011- Jump at Samhain's Fire (original/trad. compositions, vocal/instrumental)
2006- Winter Wind (holiday, instrumental)
2005- String Fling (traditional, instrumental)
*All CDs available at Beltaine performances and on-line through CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and other sites*

“Music is like water. It flows over the land with the movement of people, merging with streams and providing sustenance to those who perform or hear it. It crosses oceans to new lands, carried in the hearts and minds of people who travel there. As it moves across space and time, the music changes and evolves. If it becomes powerful enough, it can change the people who hear it, inspiring them to see themselves and the world in new ways.

For North Americans, the music of the British Isles has been a major influence. Appalachian folk music is a direct descendant of this tradition. Country music is the result of its fusion with African tradition. The eclectic fusion of styles that is called “New Age Music” relies heavily on its’ harmonies and modes. Even in its’ traditional pure forms, it touches something deep in many of us and reminds us of our European roots.

Beltaine showcases the best of acoustic Celtic Fusion in their music. Brian, Kris and John bring years of experience in ethnic, folk, rock and jazz music to their interpretations of traditional and tunes... Their new compositions and a new collection of traditional music bring together the best of old and new. So sit back, enjoy, and Slainte!” (A review by Kathy Lee)

Beltaine performs thoughout the Northwest at many venues including; Irishtown, The Highland Stillhouse, The Portland Highland Games, Newport Celtic Festival, The Bite of Oregon. To learn more about Beltaine and their music, visit their web site at or visit them on Facebook.

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Dual Dulcimers, guitar, flute, marimbula, and accordion offers a unique and bright sound to Celtic and traditional music from around the world. Beltaine is a Northwest quartet that shines as bright as their name. There is a strong synergy among the members of Beltaine, as all members play both melody and harmonies on multiple instruments. The music is eclectic but not electric, with emphasis on traditional dance music and powerful songs. In live performances, Kris, Brian, Jamie, and John keep it light and lively with spritely tunes, stories, and jokes – soon everyone gets to be a part of the magic of Beltaine!

Beltaine Music

Beltaine Music has a show on 02/18/2017 at 09:00 PM @ Kells Irish Restaura... in Portland, OR Celtic | Portland

Can't wait!

Only one more day till St. Practice Day Beltaine at Kell's Portland - Come get your "Irish" on starting at 9 PM on Friday and Saturday night!!

Beltaine Music

Beltaine Music has a show on 02/17/2017 at 09:00 PM @ Kells Irish Restaura... in Portland, OR Celtic | Portland

Only 4 days till St. Practice Day with Beltaine at Kell's Portland!

Welcome to now home of the "World Famous" Cow Bell Song List Database! | | Klanker

Carrie just found this - What should be our next cow bell song? Never has an instrument been loved by music audiences more and used so little! When you need that little something extra, the cowbell comes storming in and gives you what you want - no, better yet, what you need.

All Irish Radio

Watch "Two Hours After St. Patrick's Day" on All Irish Radio - get yourself in the mood for St.Practice Day - next weekend!

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Brown Eyed Girl

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Music, family & friends, scotch, golfing, geocaching, biking, hiking, gardening, photography.

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Brian, Jamie, John, Kris


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All of us!

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John Keys - 503-473-7041
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