R.I.P. 2008-2014

Like late Cadillac and early Motown records. Instrumentalists and long time friends Joel and Kyle add garnished but solid back up melodies, and drummer man Samir adds the classic percussive framework in an artfully understated way. Lino plays a Casino.

Getting the band back together

Bandolier Poster  Limited edition (1/50) screen printed poster for the Band Bandolier. 18"x24".

You can now follow Bandolier offshoot band season of strangers on twitter @seasonofstrange

Goldie Wilson

Stay tuned for news on a new Bandolier related band. In the meantime, check out Kyle's band, Goldie Wilson!

Spiteful, but not stupid.

Had a good final Bandolier practice tonight. We're ready to rawk the Blue Moon Friday night

I Dream of Leeni | City Arts

Playing our last show ever on Friday and it's with Prom Queen! The sumptuous, retro swank of Vito’s feels made for Prom Queen. From a dark corner of the First Hill cocktail bar, the petite songstress looks equal parts I Dream of Jeannie and Nefertiti, with a dash of Brigitte Bardot. Her smoldering eyes, rimmed with kohl, and pouty lips curled into a mischief-ma…

Bandolier's last show EVER is Friday, September 26th at the Blue Moon. That's all for now. Come get weepy

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Action, Passion, and Scooters

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Jay, Kyle, Lino, Samir


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