The Black Tones

The Black Tones: Giving you blues, punk and black power since 2011.

Seattle based band, influenced by the old souls of blues and rock n roll.

Bringing class to rock n roll's ass, with black all over.


Three shows of 'Dear White People' this weekend and The Black Tones are ready to rock you out of your fucking seats. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SHOWS ARE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT! THANKS! Tickets for Sunday's show are still available but will be selling fast so get on it. Tix here:

Thanks again to Jess Rosa for continuing to put on a badass show and have us as a part of it. This makes our second and third sold out show we're playing of the year, and it's only FEBRUARY! We like this trend, let's keep this going haha! See you this weekend 😄 #DWP_SeaBq A Performance Exploration of Race

Can't put into words how amazing last night was. Thank you thank you thank you everyone for coming out to the show, streaming it, taking photos, Everything! Thank you Band in Seattle for this opportunity. There's more to come from The Black Tones, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED Y'ALL!
#Bandinseattle #cw11 #theblacktones

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If you can't make the band in Seattle show tonight you can stream it live live at #Bandinseattle #Theblacktonesseattle. If you didn’t already need a reason to subscribe to Qello Concerts, then this is the time to correct that! Conrad has, with help from Qello, curated a list of 30 bands from the first two seasons to warm you up for the upcoming season 3! So get comfy, and feel...

Come check out The Black Tones tonight as we do our two piece thang! Creature Hole & The Variants! Highline, 8 pm

Last year I told myself, "I want to be on television, how do I make that happen?" A zillion punk shows later, and with week after week of grinding in this scene, I'm happy to announce our first television appearance on Band in Seattle <3 <3 Some really amazing artists and bands have been featured on this show so we are super excited and honored to be featured on the premiere episode of season 4. I'M BRINGING MY MAMA! <3 Also anyone who wants to go tickets go on sale tomorrow! This is such a special time for us I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Nothing like celebrating a goal with all the family, friends and fans you love dearly. We wouldn't be where we are without your continuous love and support, so come rock out and celebrate with us. WE DEDICATE THIS ACHIEVEMENT TO YOU ALL!

-Eva Walker

Photos from the show this past Friday at Barboza :) Enjoy!

Photos by Ben Shields

Friday's show with Tacocat was awesome!! Thanks for inviting us to play and making us feel welcomed! Please support BLACK LIVES MATTER & SHOUT YOUR ABORTION. Punk, blues & black power 🎤 Cheers to new fans and new music!

Tomorrow night this is going to happen and we are fucking thrilled to be a part of it. Apparently Barboza released 20 more tickets..... Sooo you might still have a chance 👍 Tacocat and wimps can't wait to rock the stage with y'all!

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Black, rocking out, food, the lead singer's boots.

Band Members

Eva - Vocals/Guitar
Cedric David - Drums
Giordan Montero - Bass

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General Manager


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Cedric David
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