Started as a rock trio in 1997, Trocadero became known for its contributions to Red vs Blue.

Formed in Cambridge, MA, the band consists of Nico Audy-Rowland, Violet Heart, Martha Marin, and Brandon Erdos. Other guest musicians have included Susan Hsia, Steve Scully, Christine Wu, Jeff WIlliams, and many more. They are most famous for creating the theme to the popular machinima series Red vs Blue, “Blood Gulch Blues,” as well as other music for the series such as “A Girl Named Tex," "Colors," and "First Wave."

The band is known for its diverse styles of music. Its signature element is the polyphonic blending of the voices of male / female voices. Instruments used by the band include drums, keyboards, vocals, piano, violin, viola, guitars, and banjos, old synthesizers, and baritone guitar. The song genres are even more diverse; the band’s first CD, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, includes tracks that are strongly influenced by the blues, disco, spirituals, western narrative, and many types of rock. That tradition is followed in the following two releases Ghosts That Linger (2009), and Flying By Wire (2012).

You should totally come to the #RvB Music panel at #RTX2016 on Saturday (7/2) at 5:30 PM in the ACC Room 12, featuring @NicoToGo @DavidLevyMusic & @TheMilesLuna

Trailers: Red vs. Blue: Season 14 Introduction Trailer

Happy birthday, Red vs. Blue, and check out the new season trailer! BEHOLD, the newest season of Red vs. Blue is upon us! Season 14 is a collection of short stories, presented in a variety of styles ranging from machinima to animation and beyond... and this is how it all begins.

We need to come up with a new shirt. Any ideas?

We just released our video for Bolt: -- the video was edited by Sarah Corean and features video from our RTX 2012 concert and vintage footage from the National Archives!


Did you like the Red vs. Blue Season 13 finale? Check out this video for Contact Redux (feat. Meredith Hagan)

The RvB13 Soundtrack is now available on iTunes & Amazon etc!

Trocadero's first show, Nov 3 1997. We're going to miss you, TTs. : (

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Nico Audy-Rowland
Brandon Erdos
Violet Heart
Martha Marin


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Rooster Teeth Records

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D. Dewey

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C. Cheatum
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