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Inspired by a qi-gong exercise taught to me by a Chinese woman in a church basement, called "Pulling Down Heavens".

Song #16, "The Smile", just released to Song-of-the-'Week' subscribers. More info here:

Lovely illustration by Sam Gray:


soundcloud.com A preview of the 16th song from Diane Cluck's Song-of-the-'Week' Project. Lyrics, forum, subscribe here: dianecluck.info/song-of-the-week-16-the-smile Engineered by Colin Killalea of Klauss (https://



Important Records has supported my album releases for a long time. The label is hard-working and prolific; they do their work with great integrity and authenticity. I'm honored to be on their roster.

IMPREC is currently running a campaign in support of moving their office from the house into the barn.

For fans of experimental, drone, electronic, contemporary, ambient and folk music, etc. (I'm in the mix somehow!) their 100 cds for $100 pledge level is a super deal. A cornucopia of good things to explore here:


kickstarter.com For 16 years IMPREC has operated in very tight quarters. As we have grown so has our inventory and we've run out of space.

Three spaces open in NYC singing workshop on June 3rd. (Germantown workshop is now full).

Register NYC:

Midwest in September/October! + Pittsburgh, Louisville, Nashville? I'd like to tour along something like the pictured route. Would you like to host a house show, or suggest a favorite venue? Please get in touch: hello (at) dianecluck (dot) info

This would be a new kinda trip for me. I've been making loops through New England, the Mid-Atlantic / Southeast, and the West Coast for some years now.

Who's out there? Helloooooooooo! Hellooooooooooo...

Northeast Tour a'comin' // dianecluck.info/shows

June 2nd - York, PA
June 3rd - NYC (singing workshop)
June 4th - NYC
June 5th - Germantown, NY (singing workshop)
June 6th - Kingston, NY
June 7th - Burlington, VT
June 8th - Bar Harbor, ME
June 9th - Portland, ME
June 10th - Peterborough, NH
June 11th - New Haven, CT

Calling home in payphone daze. 2007 West Coast Tour with Anders Griffen. Photo by Eric Lippe. Photo of photocopy of film print, no Insta-filter.

Lyrics I illustrated for "The Turnaround Road". I've got copies printed on 8.5 x 11" card stock. Twelve clams within US, paypal.me/dianecluck, seventeen for overseas: http://dianecluck.info/the-turnaround-road-illustrated-lyrics/


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Independent artist. Current distribution through Important Records.
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