Rasta Rock Opera

The "Respect And Love Revolution" album will be released on November 27th, 2014 on the birthday of Jimi Hendrix on the new music platform, Songfi.com.

When great musicians collaborate amazing things happen. All of the musicians involved and listed injected their spirit into their performances. Exact parts were never written in advance, they were created by all of the players in session from the basic arrangements. This freedom of expression created truth in the music and a feeling of power, purpose, and soul.

What if Jimi Hendrix met Bob Marley and they made an album together? Unfortunately, that never happened. This fantasy collaboration however, inspired Stevie Marco, composer, producer, and guitarist of the Rasta Rock Opera, to undertake this project.

Stevie is supported by legendary performers and brilliant new talent and together they have created a modern day masterpiece. The Rasta Rock Opera is a true “Rock Opera” with Reggae, Hip Hop, and Jazz undercurrents. If you dig Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix, you will enjoy this original material which reflects influences from the entire musical spectrum.

The Rasta Rock Opera consists of 11 compositions with 21 musical movements that are bound together by the thread of emotion. The lyrics deliver a refined message of love and hope while offering answers to some of life’s most intriguing mysteries.

On Bob Marley's Birthday, Feb. 6th, 2014, the debut album of the Rasta Rock Opera titled "Respect and Love Revolution" drops!!

This musician is suing YouTube for libel because of its automatic takedown notice


Youtube has violated the rights and compensation of the independent artist for too long. They now find themselves in federal court facing summary judgement. Please read the attached article that was published today in the Washington Post and leave a comment in support of the independent artist community at the bottom of that article. - wapo.st/1EdEV9Z

washingtonpost.com Stevie Marco was dismayed to find a notice saying that his video had been taken down: "This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service. Sorry about that."

A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Photo by: Aron Teo Lee

Ddendyl Audition: "Stand by Me" (The Voice Highlight)


Congratulations to Rasta Rock Opera collaborator Ddendyl who had a stunningly beautiful performance last night on The Voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sDy5Us7V5c

Much more to come from this talented young artist, including a music video with us, so please click "like" & "share" her music page & follow her progress on team Shakira: https://www.facebook.com/Ddendyl

youtube.com Classically trained in opera, Ddendyl wows the coaches with her version of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me."Description. Subscribe to The Voice: http://full.sc/Hb...

Rasta Rock Opera - "Luv Ya Luv Ya Luv Ya" - (Happy Valentine's Day from Stevie Marco & Our Team)


Happy Valentine's Day from Stevie Marco & The Rasta Rock Opera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q2hcJcmKtU&list=PLMqX1uQZiXY2BePvDcUZoPW9STS1gSPy7&feature=c4-overview-vl

Please share and give this as a Valentine's day gift to that special someone.

youtube.com Stevie Marco and the Rasta Rock Opera wish the world a Happy Valentines Day with this new video release titled "Luv ya Luv ya Luv ya" The child stars in this...

Here are the amazing musicians of the Rasta Rock Opera. Forty seven (47) of us came together to create music and lyrics for the world. All of the musicians and vocalists worked from basic arrangements, but the performances were improvisational and heartfelt and that gives this operatic score its power and soul. Be ready for an experience that will take you deep inside yourself as you digest this work of art. More info at http://RastaRock.com


The Rasta Rock Opera's debut album titled "Respect and Love Revolution" is available exclusively at http://SongFi.com. The red "Song Fi" trademark that you see here is the future of the music industry. The “Free Music Revolution”, with the consent of the artist, is the financial model of the future. The recording industry has financially abused the musician for far long and a new and robust reorganization of cash flow to the musician is introduced on the “Song Fi Music Platform”. The old school record companies and “pay for” download sites like iTunes will vanish from view when sponsors and advertisers create large pools of money for the unsigned recording artist based on free downloads within the http://SongFi.com website. When musicians and fans become part of a worldwide free music community, the vast number of members will draw billions of dollars in advertising and sponsorship revenues that will be distributed to the musicians of the world leaving the record companies where they belong, GONE.

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Rasta Rock Opera - No More (feat. Flex Mathews & Stevie Marco)
The Banner (by Kid Power & Jefferson Middle School)
Love ya, Love ya, Love ya (feat. Vibert Chang & Stevie Marco)
Came & Went (feat. Jimi Dred & Stevie Marco)
Star Spangled Banner Tribute from the Rasta Rock Opera

Band Interests

Making music and lyrics that make a difference and that penetrates the soul to make the world a safer, happier and spiritually sound place to live and grow.

Band Members

Stevie Marco, composer, guitarist, and vocalist for the Rasta Rock Opera thanks the following amazing musicians for putting their heart and soul into the Rasta Rock Opera debut album titled "Respect and Love Revolution, I am honored and grateful to have recorded with the following musicians:

Conrad Osipowicz, Tadek Osipowicz, Cindy Blackman Santana, Karen Briggs, Joe Brotherton, Buster Williams, Aron "Teo" Lee, Marcus Baylor, Ddendyl Hoit, Dennys Moura, Flex Mathews, KUKU, Christopher John, Junior Richards, Tim Eyermann, Cheikh Ndoye, Jimi Dred, Corey Wallace, Eligah Jamal Balbed, Raisa Ungaro, Henry St. John Fitzgerald, Jessica Denson, Shelby Wallace, Efi Tovia, Scott Ambush, Bob McCoy, Jules Berringer, Recardo Richards, Rachael Renzi, Vibert Chang, Wheels, Timmy, Heda Rose, Lima, Arron Fishbein, Doug Morgan, Antonio Orta, Kevin Burns, Scott Gearhart, Nkechi E, Ben Patterson, Victor Barranco, Jade Lewis, Sally Yu, Max Kuzmyak, and others.


Current Location

Record Label

Songfi Entertainment---Rasta Rock Publishing

General Manager

Stevie Marco

Booking Agent

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