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Good morning. It's me, Caroline.


Good news! You can stream my performance on @mountainstage tonight by going to I will be kicking off the show at 7 pm ET.

Hitting the road and headed to Charlotte, NC to play @eveningmuse tonight. I kick off the night at 7:30 and @reevecoobs follows.

Tonight 6/23 Nashville, TN @ @3rdandlindsley
Tomorrow 6/24 Charlotte, NC @ @eveningmuse
Sunday 6/25 Charleston, WV @ @mountainstage 📷: @katemcgaffinphotography

This Sunday's Mountain Stage Radio Show will be broadcast live via I will be kicking off the show at 7:00 PM EST. Mark you calendars!

Head over to @grimeys and enter to win two tickets to see @loscolognes @the_prescriptions and me tomorrow night at 3rd and Lindsley!

The Best Releases of 2017 So Far

Thank you to New Slang for putting "Spades & Roses" at #4 on your "Best Release of 2017 So Far" list and for comparing my record to three of my favorite records of all time.

"Like a 'Wildflowers', a 'Nebraska', or a '1000 Kisses', Spades is tightly wound in its’ own world of dreamy piano, fleeting harmonies, and even while sparse at times, still rich with warmth." by: Thomas D. Mooney Editor-in-Chief Like any kind of list, this one too is incomplete. No one is ever able to listen to everything they should. If they tell you they have, they’re lying. Two…

Shows this week:
6/21 Richmond, VA @ The Tin Pan

6/23 Nashville, TN @ 3rd & Lindsley Nashville
opening LOS COLOGNES with The Prescriptions, Caroline Spence

6/24 Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse

6/25 Charleston, WV @ NPR's Mountain Stage Radio Show
(Sold out!)

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