ZoraidaRe is an artist from Peru, now living in The Netherlands. She performs Opera with experiments into reggaeton

ZoraidaRe En el coche (2009)
ZoraidaRe Ti Amo (2012)
ZoraidaRe Seduceme 2013
ZoraidaRe Asi Soy yo (2014)

We all know what day it is today and what that means. #February14, #Valentine's day. We celebrate love and #friendships. Everybody feels happy as the world changes in a world of love, kisses and presents. Kind words for your beloved ones are for free. It's an important day to show your love and to tell them how important they are in your live. And so you create more love.

Have a great Valentine's day friends. A big angel hug from me to you.

Een fijne maandag en een goed begin van de werk! Dat al je wensen waar mogen worden met de wil van God. Een dikke knuffel voor jou.

Anyone likes a pancake with lots of love?


Goodnight dear friends. After a long beautiful day with my family it's now time to relax and sleep. Sleep well and see you tomorrow! #Goodnight #dear #friends #Slaaplekker

Chatting a bit with the artenisian sellers at the boulevard :)

Have a great sunday friends!

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Opera song called The Virgen Maria. Recorded in draft with my ...
ZoraidaRe Quiero tus besos
ZoraidaRe - Asi Soy yo. Ft. Ricardo L´Rock
ZoraidaRe - Ti Amo
ZoraidaRe - Seduceme 2012 0
ZoraidaRe - En El Coche

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