Intelligent grooves from Ballard; adHD is a trio that plays for the love of the music but hopes you dig it too. Mostly originals, a few covers thrown in to anchor the conversation.

Our hearts go out to the families and victims of the tragedy at Cafe Racer yesterday. We played there when we were still playing - disturbed and saddened by the senseless loss of our local-scene community members.

That was a really fun show last night. Thanks for those who came out. I can't believe we played the hokey pokey :) Thanks especially to our friend Chas Redmond for sound support, singing the hokey pokey, and generally being awesome.

Last show for a while - fun for the kiddies, and with free food! Come to the 'hood and see us at Loyal Heights Community Center this FRIDAY from 6:30-8 at the "Sweet Summer Barbeque" Be there! We will :)

It's been a summer full of summer vacations, and comings and goings. Despite this, we've got a couple of new covers we LOVE and two new original songs. We've got a short, fun neighborhood show on the 27th at Loyal Heights Community Center. Free, kid friendly, 6:30PM. Ballard friends, drop by!

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ADHD in the Studio (control room)
Recording vocals for ADHD demo
ADHD performs "Bruised Not Broken" at the Skylark, 4/11/10


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