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She Had Sex For 365 Days Straight. Guess What It Did For Her Marriage?

That’s a lot of sex! Would y’all try this? Bizarre

The Manhunt For Steve Stephens The Facebook Killer Ends In Suicide After A Chase With Ohio Cops

The chase is over! Did y’all think he would commit suicide? The search for Steve Stephens, aka "The Facebook Killer" ended Tuesday morning after a high speed chase with authorities. Police disabled his vehicle and a

Serena Williams Reveals To The World She's '20 Weeks Pregnant!' (Exclusive Pregnancy Pics Inside)

Congratulations Serena!! Tennis rock star Serena Williams was just recently engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in December of 2016. They announced their engagement on Redd

Suicide or Murder? Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez, Mysteriously Found Dead In Prison Cell This Morning, Days After Being Acquitted Of Double Murder

Gone to soon! 27-year-old Former NFL Star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell this morning. Hernandez had just been acquitted of two

Lindsay Lohan Took A TOPLESS Photo And She Is Phenomenal

😳 Wow! Did y’all see this? Worth the risk.

What Do The Girls Of "House Party" Look Better Than They Did In 1995 -- AJ Johnson Puts Any Instagram Model To Shame!

Have you seen these girls now? They look great! AJ Johnson and Tisha Campbell were two of the stars of the beloved film House Party, which was released in 1990. The movie stars the hip-hop duo Kid-n-Play

Chris Brown Reportedly Sucker-Punched A Photographer In The Face At A Miami Nightclub and His Reason Is Crazy! (Video)

OMG! Does this surprise y’all? Chris Brown and his violent and erratic behavior have landed him back in the news, and possibly back in trouble with the law. During a promotional appearan

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